Roman has always loved photography and when, being a little boy, he saw his father making photos on a big photographic enlarger in a dark room, he understood – that was what he wanted to do! Since then Roman passed a long way starting from beginner film cameras and taking pictures of birds in parks, and finishing by a professional DSLR cameras, shooting weddings and other events. And for sure it was film photography that sharpened his professional skills: when you are limited in amount of pictures you can take – you try to choose the best moment. That’s why now Roman can always find the most interesting moments and shoot them from the best point, staying unnoticeable at the same time and allowing you enjoy your happy day!


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I happen to be a wedding videographer . My clients contact me from all over the world. Most of the time its a last minute plan to head over to City Hall for a spontaneous wedding ceremony at the City Clerk's Office. I am usually asked to be a witness as well. I love my job. If I could photograph and document this every day of the week, I would. Weddings make me happy. Seeing two couples in love make me very happy. The wait times is usually within the hour. Everything is done in a process. Take a ticket, wait in line for the paperwork to be signed, wait in the Chapel waiting area, then be married in front of a small room, podium and gaze into each others eyes. The officiant likes to smile and crack a few jokes too. I like that.

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